March 17, 2014 – Billy Hayes

Show Summary

The show starts off with Bobby and Jesse discussing their broadcast beginnings, and then Bobby tells the story of how he met today’s guest back in the mid 70s. From Marquette University in Milwaukee Wisconsin, to a Turkish prison, to having wild times with Hollywood filmmakers, Bobby interviews writer and actor Billy Hayes.

Billy’s memoir, “Midnight Express”, recounts his days in prison and became an international best-seller. You’ll hear how Billy’s book was transformed by Oliver Stone into an Acadamy Award Nominee for Best Picture, how the movie deviated from the book, and what Billy wished could have been done differently.

See Billy Hayes in his own one man show on Broadway. “Riding the Midnight Express” is on stage now at the St. Luke’s Theater in New York City through March 23rd. The New York Times gave Billy’s show a great review. After wrapping up this engagement at the St. Luke’s Theater, Billy then heads to London at the Soho Theater April 1st through 13th. More information and tickets are available at







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