March 24, 2014 – Chris Lemmon

Show Summary

Bobby and Jesse were honored to visit Chris Lemmon and his wife Gina at their beautiful Connecticut home. Chris shared some wonderful personal stories about his “Pop”, Jack Lemmon, and gave us some behind-the-scenes details about his brand new one man show.

The interview begins with Bobby and Chris talking about his acting career, including roles on Knots Landing, Open House, and Duet. Bobby asks Chris about his favorite aspects of being an actor, and then the discussion turns to the guys picking their favorite Jack Lemmon films, including The Apartment, Some Like It Hot, Save the Tiger, and many more.

Something you’ll only hear here on The Bobby Rivers Show, Chris does some hysterical impressions of his dad, Walter Matthau, Jimmy Stewart, and George Cukor. Very funny stuff!

Chris talked about going on family vacations, his love of classical piano, and what motivated him to write the memoir “A Twist of Lemmon”, which recalls several special moments in Chris’ relationship with his dad. Chris also shares some inside details on how “A Twist of Lemmon” has been adapted into a brand new stage show!

Chris will be out on the road sharing his personal stories and playing some music. For tour dates and ticket information, visit













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