April 7, 2014 – Victoria Arbiter, Mike Sargent

Show Summary

It’s an international edition of The Bobby Rivers Show this week. We begin by speaking with the lovely Victoria Arbiter of CNN. If there’s something going on with Britain’s Royal Family, Victoria is the expert that CNN turns to time and time again.

Bobby asks Victoria about how she got her start in the media business, and we discover that covering the Royal family is a tradition of her own family. Victoria shares some of her favorite highlights covering the Royal Family, and she also shares with us her favorite films and her love of dance.

We couldn’t let Victoria go without asking about how she wound up on Oprah Winfrey’s “Worst Cook In America” episode. Victoria told us all about it, including a very impressive story involving her son meeting Oprah, and what happened the next day.

Our second guest today is the host of “On Screen” on Arise TV, Mike Sargent. Bobby and Mike talk about why “On Screen” is groundbreaking television, including the diversity of film reviewers that appear on the show. It’s all about bringing a unique perspective to viewers, and why “On Screen” is different from every other film review show.











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