April 21, 2014 – Paul ‘Cubby’ Bryant

Show Summary

The show kicks off with Bobby and Jesse discussing their careers in radio, and how Bobby returned to radio after a long stint on television. Bobby explains how he got the call to work on Whoopi Goldberg’s syndicated radio show, and how that show led to a long time friendship with today’s guest.

Paul ‘Cubby’ Bryant began the interview by talking about how he loves seeing celebrities light up when they see Bobby, and how nobody ever calls him just “Bobby”, but “Bobby Rivers!” Cubby then shared some stories from his early days in radio, including the origin of his now famous nickname and its roots in college football.

The guys each discuss what inspired their love of radio, and how once you get that radio bug you can never shake it. Cubby describes building his own radio station in his room at home, how he worked on demo broadcasts as a teen, and how he got an on-air job at his local station while still in high school!

Bobby and Cubby went on to discuss how much broadcasting technology has advanced over the years, including the ability to stream radio signals around the world on apps.

BIG thanks to Paul Cubby Bryant for taking the time to talk with us! You can hear Cubby on…

WKTU-FM – 103-5 KTU New York

WLIT-FM – 93-9 MYfm Chicago

WMIA-FM – 93-9 MIA Miami

or listen online anytime, anywhere on iHeartRadio.com and the iHeartRadio app.



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